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The Backstretcher - Pain relief without drugs - photo of lady using the Backstretcher
How it works

Living with back pain is often a vicious circle. When we are in pain we automatically tense our muscles. This reinforces bad posture and muscles spasm, causing us more pain. The Backstretcher uses two proven methods of relieving back pain:

80-90 percent of all backache is low back pain - diagram showing spinal alignment when using the Backstretcher

Proven method 1: Massage
- The rollers are positioned to give you the equivalent of a deep SHIATSU massage.

Proven method 2: Stretching
– The Backstretcher is shaped so that lying across it allows the spine to open out gradually, freeing the discs that have probably been compressed against each other all day.

The Award Winning Backstretcher & Neck Stretcher provides long lasting pain relief for back pain associated with:

  • Stiffness
  • Muscular Aches & Pains
  • Poor posture
  • Sports Injuries

80-90% of all backache is low back pain.
Until now Backstretching devices have not made contact with this part of the body. During sitting particularly the lower back is stressed and strained in a way, which 'squashes' all the discs. Using the Backstretcher in this way is the perfect antidote. It counters the sitting position exactly and eases the strain on the muscles & ligaments, reversing the pressure felt in this area after years of compression. Sitting is the 'big bad nasty'.

The 'soft & gentle' Backstretcher is without doubt the solution.

how to use it >  
Picture of man using Backstretcher

I use the Backstretcher every day to release stresses of driving and lower backache.

Paul, 43, Director, Essex

Photo of Backstretcher and Neckstretcher
  • The Backstretcher relieves back pain
    with a unique combination of massage and stretching.
  • The Neckstretcher fights all neck
    tension-related conditions, including computer fatigue.

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